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Ici le soleil brille pour tous et on y croit

Si vous ne trouvez plus rien cherchez autre chose

Noir Désir
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The community's about the French rock band Noir Désir. The community remains unmoderated, as I believe in freedom of speech... so far.

The rules are very simple:

1. You may post in French or English (eventually in Spanish)
2. You may post anything you want related to the band, its members or its projects
3. If you don't post anything else besides promoting your own communities, I will delete the entry
4. If you post multiple pictures, please use an LJ-cut
5. No spamming please
6. I want no nazi propaganda or anything connected the right wing extremism worldwide (Et oui, la tolérance elle-aussi a des limites)

Si vous avez encore d'autres questions ou si vous souhaitez me contacter pour d'autres raisons, veuillez vous adresser à mon journal perso. Merci.
If you have any other questions or want to contact me for any other reasons, please refer to my personal journal. Thanks.

(noirdez.com - Souvenir d'Amnéville. 23 Octobre 2002)

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journal's title and subtitle: extract from "L'Europe", written by Bertrand Cantat

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